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January-May 2019

Alt·bau [ˈaltˌbaʊ̯] noun, German, m – older construction, built before a certain point of time
ALT/BAU URBACT Transfer Network Alternative Building Activation Units

The ALT/BAU Transfer Network welcomes you on board its quarterly newsletter!

ALT/BAU is one of 23 Transfer Networks approved and financed by the European Union’s ERDF programme URBACT which fosters exchange and learning among European cities. Until December 2020, seven cities will cooperate to tackle the issue of vacant and derelict buildings and flats. It is based on the work of Agentur StadtWohnen Chemnitz, for which the City of Chemnitz was awarded URBACT Good Practice in 2017. More information on urbact.eu/alt-bau

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What is Agentur StadtWohnen Chemnitz?

The Agentur StadtWohnen in Chemnitz, Germany, offers solutions to one of the most pressing issues Chemnitz is facing: the large number of decaying historic apartment buildings abandoned since the 1990s. Due to demographic and economic changes in the region, many buildings have fallen into vacancy and disrepair, often linked to complicated ownership constellations. The Agency is a public project carried out by a private company (WGS) that offers a flexible and proactive approach. By acting as a networking hub, the Agency connects owners, potential investors or users and public authorities for the revitalisation of the historic housing stock of the city. Positive effects are the activation of owners or the change of ownership and the channelling of public grants to places where they can be used most effectively. Since 2012, more than 160 buildings were monitored, for 60 a change of ownership was organised, more than 25 are renovated and many more are in the immediate process of reactivation.

For more information, see urbact.eu/housing-agency-shrinking-cities and www.stadtwohnen-chemnitz.de/

What happened so far?

The full network already met three times for transnational meetings in Chemnitz (Germany, September 2018), Seraing (Belgium, January 2019) and Vilafranca del Penedès (Spain, March 2019). Thematically, we focused on understanding the work of Chemnitz’s Good Practice, like how is it organised and how it publishes buildings. And we discussed the next steps to adapt it to the partner’s local situations. Each partner furthers the adaptation and re-use process within its URBACT Local Group (ULG) to make best use of the transnational exchange and learning activities.

“Being part of the ALT/BAU network pushed us to wake up a sleeping problem and forced us to gather around the table to think about resources and possible solutions that would help us to solve it. Having the URBACT partners in Seraing in January 2019 was an opportunity to show them the neighborhoods in which the adapted Good Practice should be implemented. It was interesting to have their opinion on possible solutions to specific issues we have.”
Bénédicte Borckmans, Project Coordinator, ERIGES Seraing


What’s next?

2nd Thematic Transnational Meeting, Riga, 12-13 June 2019
3rd Thematic Transnational Meeting, Constanta, 18-19 September 2019
Mid-term Review Meeting, Chemnitz, 02-03 December 2019

Our partners

Constanta: http://www.primaria-constanta.ro/primarie/proiecte/european-funded-projects
Eriges Seraing: https://eriges.be/renovation/urbact/
Rybnik: https://www.rybnik.eu/wyszukiwarka/?id=33&L=0&q=URBACT
Vilafranca del Penedès: http://www.vilafranca.cat/html/infoiactualitat/projectes/certificats.html
Riga: https://www.riga.lv/lv/news/notiks-programmas-urbact-iii-projekta-brivo-telpu-atkartota-izmantosana-ka-lokals-inovaciju-dzinejspeks-nosleguma-pasakums?13475)
Urban Lab Turin: http://www.urbancenter.to.it/category/progetti-europei/

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URBACT Transfer NetworkAgentur "ALT/BAU"
City of Chemnitz in Cooperation with WGS mbH
Weststraße 49, 09112 Chemnitz, Germany

Martin Neubert – Project Coordinator
Sabine Hausmann – Communication Officer
0371 - 355 70-0

CEO: Dipl.-Ing. Jens Wagner
Handelsregister: Chemnitz / HRB 2338
Ust.-ID: DE140856331

Die Agentur StadtWohnen Chemnitz ist ein Projekt der Stadt Chemnitz, das seit September 2011 durch die Westsächsische Gesellschaft für Stadterneuerung mbH betreut wird.